New york is one of the most busiest and crowded cities in the world. It is also said truly that, “New York never sleeps” as there is always something happening.

It is the place that is traveled the most by backpackers. Therefore, the traffic congestion is always the problem as if you are travelling to or from New York. Because of traffic jams, many misses their air travels.

If traffic is also your problem then booking ride with UGO Shuttle is the best solution for you!

UGO Shuttle is shared shuttle transportation service which is offering quality services with affordable prices.

Affordable Airport Shuttle Service blog UGOshuttle

The quality services of shuttle buses include:

Free Wi-fi:

When you are travelling to or from New York and choose to ride with us; UGO Shuttle, then you can avail free wi-fi for entertainment throughout the ride. If you are heading for a meeting then you can use wi-fi to complete your work or presentations.

Luggage Compartments:

Carrying heavy bags for travelling or if you are getting back to New York. Do not worry about luggage as our buses have luggage compartments which you can use for your heavy baggage. One more good news, “Two bags are free to carry for passengers.”

Television or Media Systems:

We started our services to provide comfort before air travel therefore we also integrated media systems (television or sound system) in our buses. Everyone can have luxury experience even if our services are shared.

24/7 Availability:

Our services are the best fit for you as New York never sleeps, we also stay awake to provide the services 24/7 for travelers. So do not worry if you are landing in New York in the amid of night.


Providing secure ride to visitors is always our benchmark therefore we hired professional drivers and went through many tests (drugs etc) before hiring.

Therefore book a reliable, convenient and the best ride if you are travelling to/from New York through our website or call at 212-288-7400.


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